Fairfax, Virginia

ShieldCo has shipped to 44 of the 50 United States, including Hawaii, and has shipped products to Africa, and American Samoa. We are hopeful that we will create a great product for clients in Alaska, North Dakota and Montana very soon! We’ve received inquiries from potential clients in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Fairfax, Virginia, Its National Firearms Museum has a huge collection of centuries-old guns. The Historic District includes 19th-century buildings like the Fairfax Courthouse and the Ratcliffe-Allison-Pozer House. The Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim house has interior walls covered with soldiers’ graffiti. Among many open spaces, Daniels Run Park offers woodlands and trails. We've completed projects for companies like Main Street Bank, Sterling Smiles, IBTS. Fairfax, Virginia is 54 miles from Frederick, MD

We work with each client over the phone and email, and if they are nearby, then we will have in-person meetings. We create 2D mockups and 3D mockups so the client will know exactly what they are going to receive. We work through the permitting process when necessary to make sure the sign will meet the specifications of the locale where it is going to go. Once the 3D mockup is approved we send the client a link to make the 50% deposit payment.

We laser cut with the finest lasers that produce the highest quality cuts. We can cut aluminum, steel, brass, copper, stainless steel and core-ten. We can weld hardware onto the back of the parts, or we can use adhesive for smaller projects. Depending on how the sign is going to be installed, we will either use a french cleat which allows for very easy and secure installation, or individual studs which requires a little more work to complete the install. Most of our signs are installed by the client or a person who is handy enough to hang a mirror, but in some cases we will install the signs ourselves or we will work with an installation company to finish the process.

We prefer to use aluminum as the material is lightweight and it doesn’t corrode, like steel would. It is also very cost effective but it is still very rigid when used properly. We powder coat each part which provides a fantastic finish, and since the powder is prayed on aluminum, it stays in tact for as long as any other product on the market. We assemble the sign with stainless steel hardware. One of our finished metal signs is truly the best of the best.

For interior signs we will add color changing LED lights which really makes the signs pop. You can change the color to one of 30 different options and there are multiple modes to choose from to cycle through the colors you would like to see. The signs plug right into a standard wall socket. For exterior signs we recommend using down lighting or up lighting for ease of maintenance.

Every product that we ship is packaged in 2x4s and plywood to ensure that there is no damage.
Since 2016, every package has arrived without incident. We typically use UPS for our shipments but for larger packages we often use XPO, Pitt Ohio or YRC freights. We continue to build relationships with all of our suppliers so we can deliver the highest quality product to you.

main street bank

3D Mock-up

p1 - Front.JPG

Project Image


5 layered custom lobby signage with the bottom blue piece spaced one half inch from the white layer and the each layer spaced one quarter inch apart above, with an attached french cleat.

10089 Fairfax Boulevard, Fairfax, VA 22030

Check them out here! - https://www.mstreetbank.com/

sterling smiles

3D Mock-up

p1 - Front.JPG

Project Image

Single layer custom lobby signage attached to the wall using drywall anchors and threaded steel rods.

21475 Ridgetop Circle Suite 200, Sterling, VA 20166

Check them out here! - http://www.sterlingvirginiasmiles.com/


3D Mock-up

p1 - Front.JPG

Project Image

Custom Metal Sign-IBTS - right.JPG

Single layer custom lobby signage in a brass finish attached to the wall via drywall anchors and threaded steel rods.

45207 Research Place, Ashburn, VA 20147

Check them out here! - https://www.ibts.org/