Custom Church Signs

No matter the style of your church, there is a sign to enhance it!

Whether you have a traditional church or a modern style place of worship, we can create signage that compliments the feel of your church. We can help you achieve a consistent look through your church building with coordinating signs for outside, the focal point in your foyer, community room, youth area, office signs and more.

One option to consider is adding lighting to your signage. It’s a wonderful way to add ambiance and make a great impression especially with first time guests. Browse through some of our previous church signage below to gather some inspiration on what would be a great fit for your congregation!

First Baptist Church of Glenarden

This church went with a clean modern design but chose to add some extra impact through lighting. The large scale sign, 60” in diameter, makes a great impression and really pops because of the lights behind the cross.

We can work with logos and designs that have simple shapes all the way to really complex and intricate designs. We use lasers that cut with a width of .001 inches which allows us to create designs that have incredible detail. So whatever logo or idea you have in mind for your church signage, we are happy to help manufacture a work of art that will stand the test of time.


Journey Church

Journey Church needed a new outdoor sign and it had to be large to catch the attention of passerby’s. We created a double sided exterior sign to work with an existing brick monument display.

We can work in any scale. Even the most simplistic design can create big impact when you go large scale. Sometimes you need multiple of the same sign but in different sizes for different locations. Contact us to talk about different size options we can create for your church.


Bear Valley Church

Bear Valley Church has a great rugged logo but displayed in a nice modern, eye-catching design.

This high contrast logo is further enhanced by the layered parts of this sign. Beyond the design, the high quality materials and powder coat finish can withstand rugged locations. Our custom metal signs are fabricated to last a lifetime.


Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church chose a beautiful gold finish for their sign. It’s always great to keep in mind what type of wall you will be hanging your design on. This classic sign got a modern upgrade with this unique stone feature wall.

We always like to know where your sign will go so we can help make recommendations on fabrication style and finish. So when you fill out your free quote be sure to tell us about where you plan to display your work of art! Your designer will be happy to go over any installation questions and recommended finishes.


View more examples of church signage!

All of our signs are made with durable metals, assembled with stainless steel hardware and long lasting powder coat finishes.