Custom Dental Office Signs

Uniquely crafted signs will have your patients smiling when they walk into your dentist’s office!

ShieldCo Art can help create your logo, design, or signage idea into a unique, creative metal sign. Put your clients at ease with a customized artful display for your Dentist or Orthopedic office. We can add other playful elements to your logo such as LED lighting. Talk with your designer about ideas to help create the ambiance you’re looking for.

With ShieldCo, the custom sign possibilities are endless! Here’s a few different types of custom metal signs we've done for other dentistry and orthopedic companies; draw inspiration from them and tell us what you like!

Orthopedic Specialists

With a custom sleek design, Orthopaedic Specialists boldly announces their top quality work. While the whole sign is attached directly to the wall, The "Orthopaedic Specialists" is set off the wall 1" while the names are flush with the wall.  

You worked hard for that degree, present it in a high quality, professional way with our individually mounted letter signs.

If you choose to have a sign made with individual pieces that are all going to be mounted to a wall directly, then we will provide you with a template. This detailed template allows you to identify every spot on the wall where the letters are going to attach. This makes the process so smooth and easy all you have to do is put in place, use a center punch or a small drill bit to each of the holes, press our provided drywall anchors into the wall, and then place each individual letter in their respective location. So if you love the look of individually mounted letters, don’t worry we make the installation a breeze!


North Hills Family Dental Sign

This dental office is located in Pittsburgh, PA and aspires to provide a gentle calm environment for all families. The color palette on this design is extremely well balanced with bold and neutral colors.

They chose to separate the logo onto it’s own backer. This may be an option to consider if you want some long term flexibility in how you display your sign. Depending on location you have the option to put the logo to the side, on top or on the bottom. Even if you don’t intend to change the layout, it does help create bigger impact for your logo. Talk with your designer about options that may work best for your needs, simply click the link below to start the quote process.


Elite Dental Custom Lighting Sign

This is practically two signs in one. Without the lights on, its a sleek modern fun design with the curvy shapes. With the lights on it accentuates the contrast of layers and the text of "Elite Dental." This company can take care of any problem you have involving your mouth! We are currently working on a second sign with their mission statement! Check them out here!

If your logo has many complex shapes, we are more than able to accommodate as we use lasers that cut with a width of .001 inches and that allows us to create designs that have incredible detail. We love to work with interesting designs and truly create a piece of art.


GKG Orthodontics

GKG Orthodontics, in Wexford, PA, offers the latest in corrective care technology for kids, teens, and adults. Their dental sign was extremely fun to design with all the different layers and lighting giving the sign some serious depth. A five layer sign with cut outs for lights to shine through is a unique service offered by ShieldCo.  

What really makes our metal signs different than other companies is that we are able to layer all of the parts of our signs together. This allows for creating three-dimensional images from simple signs where they're just two layers to the most complex where we have 20 or more layers. Scroll through to see the impact adding layers can make to your signage.


View more examples of our dental / orthopedic signage!

All of our signs are made with durable metals, assembled with stainless steel hardware and long lasting powder coat finishes.