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Lighting Your Sign

Can i get lights on my sign?

We offer the option to have your sign fitted with LED LIGHT STRIPS that will give your sign a beautiful illumination that will transform any space!

When attaching lighting to a sign we consider a few factors such as the layering, the size of the sign, the placement of the light strips, as well as what colors are necessary. The process of placing lights onto a sign involves cutting and soldering wires together and using connectors to keep the current constant throughout the grouping. We also take care to fasten down the wires to ensure that they are not seen through the sign.

Though the process can be lengthy the end result is always an amazing sight to behold when seeing how each piece is illuminated among the others. The signs we apply LED’s to are typically for interior use only.

We also do spotlighting projects as well. Spotlighting is when a light system is not directly attached to a sign but rather shines the light on it.