Shipping Your Sign

it is important to us at ShieldCo that you RECEIVE your artwork in perfect condition!

In order to ensure that your product reaches you unharmed we custom build each box to perfectly fit each sign we ship. To avoid damaging the sides of a sign we ensure that there is a one inch space between the sides of the signs and the walls of the box. We place a layer of foam inside the box first to give cushioning to the bottom as well as to avoid scratching the surface.

Alongside using foam sheets to protect your sign, we also use Styrofoam blocks and corners to keep everything snug and centered within the box. For individual parts/letters as well as fragile pieces, we will wrap them in a layer of foam to give reinforcement as well as protection from being damaged in transit.

We are able to ship your sign to you anywhere across the country, even as far as Hawaii! For local signs we may even deliver it to you personally rather than by shipping it through UPS.