Installing your Sign

the correct installation of your sign is perhaps the most important step, and it’s one we will make sure is done perfectly!

Where and how a sign is installed can determine both the aesthetic as well as professional qualities it portrays. With every sign we ship we include a custom set of directions based on the style of the sign and how it should be mounted. If a sign is to be hung indoors it will need either a french cleat on the back for sturdiness, or drywall anchors if they are individual pieces.

With a french cleat one will be attached to the back of the sign and one will be attached to the wall where the sign will be hung. Pilot holes will be drilled for the cleat and then it will be fastened to the wall with provided screws and the cleat on the sign will be interlocked with the wall by lowering them together as seen in the photo below.


Individually pieced or lettered signs that are placed into the wall directly will have a paper template provided to ensure that every piece is placed in the correct spots. The template will be hung on the wall and pilot holes will be drilled before drywall anchors are placed into the wall to hold the threaded rods that were inserted into the backs of the individual pieces.

client pic.jpg

For exterior signage, framework is typically required in order to give it the strength required to handle both the weather as well as the weight of the sign. At times a special adhesive may also be used to further reinforce the frame, as well as the bolts that already are used.

Custom Metal Sign-Yakabod Exterior Marquee-right.JPG

For all types of signs that we produce and ship we will also include the necessary hardware required for the installation process, which may include aluminum spacers, screws, bolts, threaded rods, as well as drywall anchors.

Excellent craftsmanship. After I submitted my order they followed up with some great suggestions on mounting options. End product was exactly what we wanted.
— Nicholas