Custom 3D Signage

Need a sign that stands out and catches the eye?
Then 3D signs are what you need!

Three dimensional signage is our specialty here at ShieldCo Art. What sets us apart from other sign companies is that we provide 3D renderings so you can truly visualize the impact and artistic quality of the finished project. Not sure you want a layered sign? Let us show you the difference with a 3D mockup!

Our 3D mockup service gives you confidence that we are on the same page with your design and that you know exactly what you will be getting. So regardless of whether you are local to our Maryland office or you’re on the west coast, we can provide the visuals and specs you need to ensure everything will go smoothly with your order and meet (or exceed!) your expectations.

Here’s some examples of layered signs that really have the wow factor:


Pepper Express

One of our favorite signs! It’s fun and full of personality! This sign would not have had the same impact on just one layer. It has so much more depth and visual interest that makes it really pop and catch your attention.

Get a quote started by clicking the button below. Then you can talk with one of our designers about how to add drama to your sign through multi-layer design. When you have a fantastic logo, do it justice with high impact signage!


Pop Your Pup

This company specializes in fun pet art! This explosive design deserved to literally pop off the wall. Multi-layer signs are actually easy for installation because most or all of the elements are mounted onto a single backer that make hanging it in your workplace a breeze! This one has a few individually mounted elements as well, but don’t worry we send a template with your sign that shows you exactly where to place each piece on the wall!

We don’t just make metal signs, we create metal art. That’s why we take the time to match your company colors and capture the essence of your business through custom signage. We will make every effort to create a wow factor piece for your business. That’s why you are paired with a designer to guide you through the process of creating signage that really stands out and represents your company at the highest caliber.

Awesome experience and in love with the final product. Installation is cake, the colors are spot on. Luke told us the turn around time was going to be about 14 days and that’s what it was. He told us delivery was going to be about 3 days and that’s what it was. Price was also very fair and reasonable. Luke even called me a week later to make sure I was happy with the sign and I was able to install it correctly. I would recommend ShieldCo to anyone in need of this kind of product.
— Marco, Pop Your Pup

Portland Police

This sign truly is a work of art with all the intricate details. Even the elements without much color really pop because of the 3D layering. This is a great example of when your signage shows that you take pride in what you do, who you serve, and want to portray your company at the highest standards.

We love the challenge of manufacturing signs with lots of intricate details and layers. The finished result is always worth the effort. If your logo has complex shapes and intricate details, we are more than able to accommodate as we use lasers that cut with a width of .001 inches which allows us to create designs that have incredible detail.


Checkout our 3D multi-layer signs below!

All of our signs are made with durable metals, assembled with stainless steel hardware and long lasting powder coat finishes.