Core Values Signs

How do you get your team to exemplify the core values of the company? Keep them top of mind.

The values of your company is what sets you apart from your competition and motivates you to deliver your best even on the toughest days. So it’s only fitting to prominently display those values for all to see and be reminded of on a daily basis.


This local Frederick, MD company took a really great approach to their core values. They chose 5 defining words and artistically displayed them with eye catching LED lights.

By adding the lights, you can’t help but look at this sign. So if you’re not sure about how to word your core values or you just really want to drive home the main points for your wall display, then consider a bold proclamation of the key words that represent your company values.


Ginn Group

A subtle but powerful approach in this display! The individually mounted letters match the wall color to appear as though they are truly a part of the foundation of the company and emerge from the walls.

This is a fantastic approach to displaying your company core values in a way that keeps them top of mind without making them the focal point of the room. So if you’re looking for a more low key way to incorporate your core values into your office space, look no further!


Verstandig Media

This is another great example showcasing core values that share with others the mission you are set to accomplish.

This is where metal signage can make all the difference. These core value signs wouldn’t have the same impact on printed posters or wall decals. It’s the strength and durability of the metal that further exemplifies the professionalism and top notch quality that you want to pride yourself in.


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I have to say that our sign stands out from our neighbors. It’s sleek, simple, and it has a world-class feel to it. Best of all, Luke and the team and ShieldCo delivers a phenomenal customer service experience. Definitely a value driven company!
— Andrew S.