Designing Your Sign

What kind of design services do we offer?

here at shieldco we use a myriad of design softwares to develop your art such as Adobe Illustrator, solidworks, and AUTOCAD design.

First we take a vector file or high resolution image provided by you and upload it into Illustrator to inspect the design for any errors that may have appeared during the file conversion. Afterwords the image is designed in the style preferred by you, then we create a 3D mock-up in Solidworks for final approval before fabrication is confirmed. After receiving payment, the vector file is then exported to AutoCAD for final fabrication details before being custom laser cut.

Try and find a better sign for your money! And the service was unbelievable. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted but these guys are artists and walked us through the process. We can’t wait to get another one!
— David

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator snip.JPG

Developed by Adobe Systems, Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editing service with 3D capability to allow for extrusion and the creation of simple objects, with the latest version increasing anchor point and handle sizes.


p1 - left.JPG

Published by Dassault Systèmes, SolidWorks is a computer aided engineering and solid model computer aided design program that allows you to create more complex designs using parameters, design intent, and features to determine constraints and shape.


AutoCAD snip.JPG

Developed by Autodesk, AutoCAD is a computer aided drafting and design program that allows the editing of vectors to allow for the addition of varrious objects as well as dimensions. For example in the architecture version it allows the addition of 3D objects such as window or doors rather than being simple straight lines.