Military Signs

Is there a motto you want immortalized for yourself or a loved one? Do you want a larger representation of your company patch? We will proudly craft a flawless rendition for you to be proud of!

We have done a few different types of military based signage, one such piece was the Army Fight Song which was custom laser cut with negative cutouts with a brushed finish.

Custom Metal Sign-Metal Army Fight Song-left.JPG

We have also crafted two patches for the Luke Air Force Base 56th Training Squadron, the first of which was for The Lightning Academics!

Custom Metal Sign-Lightning Academics-Left.JPG

The second patch was the Angry Pecker patch which was the same size as the previous sign at 40” in diameter and consists of 13 layers, which is one of the most we’ve done!

Custom Metal Sign- Angry Pecker-Left.JPG