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Sign Options from ShieldCo

When you work with ShieldCo for your custom sign, the opportunities are endless. We can use steel, brass, copper, coreten, or our company wide favorite, aluminum. You can choose from hundreds of colors, or we can pick the colors that match your logo. We can create flat signs, or our favorite ones, 3D signs with multiple layers. Through the hundreds (thousands??) of signs that we've created we have identified four main categories of signs that most signs fall under. They are as follows

1) Negative Cut-out (1 layer)
2) Negative Cut-out with Back Panel (2 layers)
3) 3D, layered sign, with backer (multiple layers)
4) Individual lettering (usually 1 layer)

1) Negative Cut-out (1 layer) (starting at $300) 
This option basically leaves a void where the lettering/logo would be, showing the wall behind it. We can use our typical french cleat on the back for hanging the sign, or we can use stainless steel standoffs. If we add a frame work to the back of the sign, we can also add lighting. 


2) Negative Cut-out with Back Panel (2 layers) (starting at $650) 
This option is similar to option #2, but with a back panel behind the negative cut-out panel. This adds depth to the sign and is the first step in the "3D" realm. Lighting is possible with sign. 

3) 3D, layered sign, with backer (multiple layers) (starting at $1100) 
This option would have your logo and/or lettering cut out separately and raised off of the surface of a back panel, with spacers, giving your logo depth and texture. This is what we specialize in and what separates us from other companies. We are able to produce these types of signs to an extremely high caliber because of our machinery and our process. Also, we love selling these signs because since every part of the sign is attached to the backer, the sign is extremely easy to hang - can take as little as 10 minutes. Lighting is possible with this sign. 

4) Individual lettering (usually 1 layer) (starting at $600) 
With this option we would cut your logo into individual pieces that would have threaded studs extending from the back. We would provide you with a template for you to mount on your wall, drill each individual hole, and install your sign with a full proof method ensuring your logo looks excellent on your wall. This is very popular when the wall color or texture is something you want to showcase in addition to the sign.