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3 Factors to Consider when Creating Custom Metal Signage

Custom metal signage makes a bold statement. Sharp edges, clean lines, and the right powder coating should be enough to get your business signage seen by potential customers right? It is true that these factors add to the visual appeal of business signage. However, the sign’s design trumps all of these factors. The design must complement the business’ location, backdrop against which the sign will be placed, and the target customer.

The Business’ Location

Signs help people find your business. They should, therefore, be placed in areas where they can easily be seen. Size also matters. The larger the lettering, the easier it is to read. You should also choose a font that can easily be read at a distance. 

Business signage should also complement the vibe of the area in which the business is located. For instance, if your business is located in a trendy commercial district, your sign should reflect this hip, cool vibe. All of this should also be in-line with the area’s business signage zoning restrictions. This doesn’t mean, however, that it should totally go against what your business stands for. Making the best use of your sign, therefore, means strategically positioning it and merging the vibe of your environment with the message of your brand.

The Backdrop

The backdrop should provide the right contrast for your sign.  The backdrop should be a solid color. Placing a bold metal sign against a solid color backdrop actually increases the viewer’s retention of the content.

Additionally, the backdrop should complement the colors of the sign in a meaningful way. It is important to consider colors that are appropriate for the product or service being sold. For instance, if our business is selling male suits, pink and gold wouldn’t be the best colors to use.  The colors you should in essence reflect your brand’s personality and work well together.

The Target Customer

Everything in your business comes right back to the customer. Your business signage must appeal to the customers you are trying to attract. Your logo, typography and overall design must pay homage to your target audience’s likes. Yes, your logo should be relevant and timeless. However, the overall business signage design should incorporate the logo in such a way that it appeals to your target demographic.


Pay keen attention to the elements discussed in this article. Your custom metal signage could be gorgeous, but if it isn’t strategically positioned, created at the right size, placed against the right backdrop, and doesn’t appeal to the target audience, the money you spent creating it would be wasted.

A Brief History of Logos

Logos are a part of human expression. From as far back as the 15th century, logos have been used in the form of family crests and religious symbols. They may not have been called logos back then, but they served the same purpose as present-day logos: symbolism. Humans develop perceptions of the world based on relatable signs and symbols. For instance, a tree is generally symbolic of growth and prosperity. This article briefly describes the evolution of logos as the symbolic images we know today.

Early 1700s

Leading up to the early 1700s, families, dynasties and cultures used a variety of representative symbols. The symbols used in family crests and religious emblems were iconic and ubiquitously knows to be associated with particular themes or concepts. Many of the symbols we presently use stem from those used in this era.

The Industrial Revolution (circa 1840)

The Industrial Revolution was the turning point of business evolution. Companies quickly realized that consumers focused more on brands than products as mass production became commonplace. For instance, they no longer just bought milk. Instead, they searched for a particular brand of milk. As a result, brand identity became very important. Marketing began to blossom as a crucial part of a business.  Businesses quickly realized that simple symbols wouldn’t give them a competitive edge in the growing marketplace. Consistent design was another major concern. The logo, therefore, evolved into a more potent symbol that gave a brand its identity.

Modern-Day Logos

Technology has changed the way people interact with brands. Greater emphasis is being placed on establishing a digital presence to keep up with the demands of active social media and internet users. This shift has resulted in the prevalence of brightly colored, 3 dimensional, and shiny logos. Simplicity is also the name of the game. Brands try to ensure that their logos have one or more of the following elements:

·         minimalistic designs that truly catch the eye

·         effective use of negative space

·         hand drawn graphics which add authenticity

·         bold lines

·         vintage inspiration


The rise in digital marketing doesn’t negate the fact that logos should be adaptable to print.  Savvy business owners create a logo that can be used in both media.  They also ensure that their logo is included in the custom business signage. Logos are a brand. Ensure that your business has a well-designed logo that can be used in several applications, especially custom metal signage.

How ShieldCo Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology to Create Stunning Logo-Based Business Signage

Mediocrity is never an option for the team at ShieldCo. Each custom metal sign we produce utilizes CNC machining and powder coating that truly make your sign shine. Our aim is to effectively incorporate your logo into the high quality metal signs we produce so that your brand can get the visibility it needs. This article provides you with a glimpse into the beauty of the products we use.

CNC Machining

Technology was created to simplify business processes. CNC machining allows us to use high-tech computers to control the machines we use to create custom metal signage. This makes the boost precision and enables multiple iterations of the same design to be created.  What truly makes CNC machining unique, however, is the numerical coding associated with the computer software that controls the feed rate, coordination, location, and speeds of the machines we use.

A 3D CAD drawing is created for each custom metal sign we use.   The CAD drawing then creates a numerical code that can be understood by the CNC machine’s program. We then run a test to ensure that there aren’t any glitches. Once no glitches have been identified, we create the metal sing you need. The CNC machine makes it simple for us to create any design, regardless of its complexity.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting transforms a metal sign into a work of art.  ShieldCo has some of the best laser cutting technology in the industry. The high powered laser enables us to utilize virtually any type of metal to create precisely shaped designs.  Like the CNC machine, the laser is guided by the CAD drawing specifically created for your metal sign.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the decorative finish we apply to all of our metal signs. It protects the signs from the wear and tear often caused by the environment. Electrostatic spraying is used to apply the charged powder particles to the sign’s surface. A variety of colors are available which, therefore, makes it simple for us to create custom metal signs in any color. You can choose a traditional silver metallic finish or utilize the colors of your brand. Whatever your choice, we’ll make it happen.


ShieldCo strives to use the best technology to create custom metal signs that are truly works of art. Our CNC machine, laser cutting techniques, and powder coating ensure that you get a high quality metal sign that helps your business make a bold impression.

5 Powerful Reasons for Including your Business Logo in your Custom Metal Signage

5 Powerful Reasons for Including Your Business’ Logo in Your Custom Metal Signage

Your logo is your brand.  It’s one of the first things people will remember when they think about your business. Savvy entrepreneurs spend time creating logos that truly reflect the message of their brands. Don’t let that time and effort go to waste. Incorporate your business’ logo into your custom metal signage. Doing this will help you portray a bold, professional image and experience the following benefits.

The Beauty of Custom Metal Art

Custom metal signage isn’t dull and lackluster. It’s a beautiful reflection of the character of an organization; a true work of art.  Couple the sharp laser cutting of the letters with the edges of your logo and you have something truly extraordinary.  There are a wide range of finishes and mounting options available that add visual interest to your business signage. Utilizing these options will help your logo and business name stand out.

Adding Memorability

When people pass your storefront they should stop and say, “Wow!” Several elements contribute to that wow factor with custom metal signage being chief among them. A bold metal sign that prominently features your logo compels people to stop and take a second glance. That second glance may just be what lures them in and turns them into paying customers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Entrepreneurs always look for ways to promote their brands. Custom metal signage is an investment that adds value to your marketing dollar in the long-term. Experts state that it costs less to reach 1000 customers with custom metal signage than it is with other forms of traditional advertising.  When designed correctly, this bold form of signage can really work wonders for your business.

Brand Reinforcement

Brand reinforcement is a form of retargeting. People who have already shown interest in your brand are more likely to become repeat purchasers. Custom metal signage that includes your logo helps these customers find you easily. It also helps new customers who have probably heard about your business find you. More customers equates to business growth.

Flexibility with Colors

Colors help your sign stand out from its competition.  The colors from your business’ logo add visual appeal. Although it is possible to create metal signs without colors, those that do have colors have a competitive edge. Colors can even be added with backlighting from LED lights affixed behind the metal sign. Both possibilities allow you to add colors that will attract the right people.

There are several factors that contribute to the success of your business’ signage.  Logo placement is one of the most important factors to consider. Custom metal signage is already highly impactful. Including a logo creates the perfect marriage between brand identity and beautiful artistry.


Incorporating Custom 3D Metal Signage into Unique Architectural Designs

Incorporating Custom 3D Metal Signage into Unique Architectural Designs

Modern architecture focuses on sleek, edgy designs that often leave onlookers in awe. Sharp edges, go-green construction, texture, open concept living spaces, and multiple master suites are some of the 2017 architectural design trends that have added flair to both residential and commercial properties. Coupling these features with spectacular 3D metal signage truly makes a space unique. This article highlights 7 ways that 3D metal signage can be used to add the extra oomph a space needs.

Use a 3D Letter Name Board

A feature wall adds character to open concept spaces. Whether it’s an intimate restaurant or an open concept living space in your home, a feature wall adds a focal point that makes a space truly unique. You can use your feature wall to feature the name of your business or a word that your family lives by. The fact is that a well-designed 3D metal sign helps you make the right first impression.

Add Texture

Unpolished and rugged 3D metal signage is a current trend. Using a combination of materials, you can create a focal piece that adds visual interest. Treatments can be used to mimic the look of wood or stone. Such treatments transform an ordinary 3D metal sign into a work of art.

Go Vintage

Repurposing vintage signs can give a space a retro feel. The eclectic 3D metal signs you can create by combining old signs can easily become a work of art. Additionally, they’ll help you put save a bit of money.

Use Bold Colors

Metal signage provides bold impact for a space. Gray and silver are the often the colors of choice for 3D metal signage. However, taking the risk of adding vibrant colors adds the right level of vibrancy to a space. Green (symbolic of nature, healing, growth and success) is a trending color. Consider adding pops of green 3D signage to your space.

Add Illumination

You want your 3D signage to stand out day and night. Inserting LED bulbs into the lettering adds the right level of illumination. The glow provides just the right emphasis.

Follow the Go-Green Trend

Global warming is a real threat to our survival. Modern architecture focuses on ways to make buildings as environmentally friendly as possible. Ecofriendly signs utilize partial or completely recycled materials. They also use inks that don’t emit unhealthy fumes without compromising the longevity of the sign. Search for eco-friendly 3D signs and you’ll help preserve the environment.


Modern architecture facilitates creative 3D metal signage. You can incorporate 3D metal signs into your office or home using the tips outlined in this article. Don’t forget to go-green, use 3D letters, add texture, platy with colors, and add illumination. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, play with vintage designs. All of these tips will help you create a piece that can truly be considered a work of art.

Custom Business Signage – The Science of Signs

So, what is it that is so special about the Moulin Rouge sign, or about the HOLLYWOOD sign, or the Las Vegas signboard for that matter? Is it just a matter of chance that all these are a huge hit? No! Niet! Nix! All these signs are nothing but typical representations of research-backed custom business signage. Yes, there is a lot of thought and deliberation that goes behind every signage that becomes synonymous with a business or an entity.

The Science that Goes behind it

Signs do a lot more for any business that we think they do. Not only do they draw the prospects’ attention and communicate the right kind of message, but also let you thrive amidst competition, helps define your identity in public eyes, and reach out visually of anyone who passes by. And, it is not about how much artistry they have on them, but to what an extent they are a fit according to the aspects that matter to the customers. It is about how much research has gone into it, so as to produce indoor or outdoor signage that makes an effect the way it should. And, what cannot be forgotten before you design or install any kind of signage is, the sign regulations. Without that, your sigh could very well prove to be a distraction for the drivers on the highway and only do disservice to them as well as you.

So, there are a number of scientific factors that matter in the making of any sort of signage:

1.      Size

Whether it is exterior signage, or interior, size certainly matters. The bigger the sign is, the better the visibility it offers. This is why the big budget brands always display huge adverts on billboards and semi-trucks. The highway always demands that kind of signage to be effective enough. When it comes to off the highway, or even inside the office, size still matters. You cannot goof up with it. You need to keep in mind the readability and visibility no matter where it is

2.      Location

Choosing the best location for any kind of signage is a science in itself. You want it to be visible to drivers on the highway, or on the road, but your business may be situated far from it. All it takes for a driver to travel a quarter of a mile is 16.5 seconds. So, that is all the time you have to get their attention. So, how you place it atop your roof is an essential aspect. The color, the size, the angle, the height – everything is important. Even if you talk of office signs, you need to place it where people can see it conspicuously. It adds to their experience in your premises.

3.      Viewer Psychology

You must agree that more than 13% of the American population is aged above 65 years. And, that also includes drivers as well as pedestrians. So, declining eyesight is what you have to keep in mind while designing your signs. Do consider that people are pretty prone to cataract after 40, so whatever you display must be big and bold enough for this section of people to view and make sense out of.

Remember, any custom business signage that ends up representing your business without research may do you more disservice than service. 

Different Sign options from ShieldCo

When you work with ShieldCo for your custom sign, the opportunities are endless. We can use steel, brass, copper, coreten, or our company wide favorite, aluminum. You can choose from hundreds of colors, or we can pick the colors that match your logo. We can create flat signs, or our favorite ones, 3D signs with multiple layers. Through the hundreds (thousands??) of signs that we've created we have identified four main categories of signs that most signs fall under. They are as follows

1) Negative Cut-out (1 layer)
2) Negative Cut-out with Back Panel (2 layers)
3) 3D, layered sign (multiple layers)
4) Individual lettering (usually 1 layer)

1) Negative Cut-out (1 layer)
This option basically leaves a void where the lettering/logo would be, showing the wall behind it. We can use our typical french cleat on the back for hanging the sign, or we can use stainless steel standoffs. If we add a frame work to the back of the sign, we can also add lighting. 

2) Negative Cut-out with Back Panel (2 layers)
This option is similar to option #2, but with a back panel behind the negative cut-out panel. This adds depth to the sign and is the first step in the "3D" realm. Lighting is possible with sign. 

3) 3D, layered sign, with backer (multiple layers)
This option would have your logo and/or lettering cut out separately and raised off of the surface of a back panel, with spacers, giving your logo depth and texture. This is what we specialize in and what separates us from other companies. We are able to produce these types of signs to an extremely high caliber because of our machinery and our process. Also, we love selling these signs because since every part of the sign is attached to the backer, the sign is extremely easy to hang - can take as little as 10 minutes. Lighting is possible with this sign. 

4) Individual lettering (usually 1 layer)
With this option we would cut your logo into individual pieces that would have threaded studs extending from the back. We would provide you with a template for you to mount on your wall, drill each individual hole, and install your sign with a full proof method ensuring your logo looks excellent on your wall. This is very popular when the wall color or texture is something you want to showcase in addition to the sign. 

The Importance of Custom Design in Signage

Here a sign, there a sign, everywhere a sign! So when the market place is full of so many signs, where does yours stand out? Well, you have all the chances of standing out if you choose custom business signage, or let’s put it this way, if you go for a custom design for your business sign, there is nothing like it. Why, you ask? This rhetorical question will explain the reason as well as can be – what if nature had crafted every person or every face alike? Would you have had a chance to stand out?

But, to make things simpler and more conspicuous let’s see, taking one step each time, why a custom design is so valuable:

·         It Imparts Personality to Your Business

Even if you are selling the same coffee the next coffee shop, or the same merchandise as the other supermarket, or the same services as the attorney next door, there is something that makes you different from those “next-doors”, and that is your personality. It is the same thing that must be transferred to your business in the way it looks, and in the way operations are handled. So, be it the outdoor signage at your storefront or your logo, a custom design will be the stamp of that very personality by which customers can tell you from other businesses.

·         Quality is What you Decide

If you are a stickler for quality, it is certain that you cannot let your sign be a run-of-the-mill product. Can you? And why should you? Quality should be the hallmark of your business and it should be endorsed by the signage as well. Be it the sign that flashed on the rooftop, or the office signs that populate your premises, when you get a custom design, you decide how great it is going to be.

·         You Know Your Clientele and You Know What They Want

If you thing that a readymade sign for your enterprise can be a thing that can do justice to it, you, my friend, are mistaken. No one knows your clientele like you do. Apart from knowing the major trends in the industry that you are dealing in, you also know the kind of publicity that attracts your potential clients. And, not to forget, you definitely know their preferences and behavior. So getting a custom design, whether for interior or exterior signage, lets you attract their attention and portray a pretty good image of yours.

·         The Visual Factor

A custom design is needed the most when you need publicity and promotion for a specific purpose. For e.g., if you wish to attract children, you must use bright colors and bold images, if it is a women’s wardrobe sale you are promoting you know you need feminine designs of your signage. Even if the sign is well constructed, fully visible and better looking that all the competitors but still fails to attract the audience that it must because of its design, it is not worthy at all.

So, if you are willing to get a new sign, or replacing the old one, remember that custom business signage has that power to attract what you need to attract. 

How Lighted and Non Lighted Custom Business Signage can be an Effective Advertising Solution

A unique, attractive, and creative sign is surely the first impression of your business on the targeted customers. Well–designed custom business signage showcases an impressive style, professionalism, and overall presence of your business. Basically, it will convey to people who you are, what you do, and where you are located. In simpler words, it reflects your business image to others.

Well, there are a number of trends in signage, that are ruling the market, but one of the most popular ones is lighted and non lighted signs. Both of these are considered as popular choices for those looking for something creative and distinct for their business.

Nowadays, customers are highly attuned to marketing messages, and can quickly pick up on visual cues such as exterior signage. You can make your business or enterprise easier to find with an outdoor light box sign. Hence, these are the perfect branding and advertising solutions. Agreed?  

But before we go on to use these, let’s have a look at the difference between the uses of lighted and non lighted signs-

Lighted Signs

Catches Customers’ Attention

It is a fact that eyes get attracted towards light and vibrant things, which is why lighted signs are able to grab more attention than the non-lighted ones. Simple! If you have signage with the right graphic element and light, it will look spectacular even in the daytime when lights are on. So, it is always a good idea to go for lighted outdoor signage as it looks amazing throughout the day, be it bright or dark outside.

Better Visibility!

Bright lighted signage placed at a good spot can help your customers find you even from a distance. This works really great when you have first-time clients visiting your business, and you don’t want them to have a hard time in finding your place. Visible signage equals more customers.

Now let’s have a look how non lighted signs are also a good idea. Here are some reasons:

Costs Less

If you are looking for attractive outdoor signage that can be installed at a really low price, non lighted ones are a great choice to go for. Because of the material and technology required for these, installing them is an affordable option in comparison to the others. 

Requires Less of Professional Maintenance

Over time, any sign will start to wear out; however, non-lighted signboards last for longer time period than the lighted ones. Moreover, these don’t even require professional maintenance to last for a longer time span - pretty easy to maintain.   

Good for Indoors as Well

If you think only lighted signage is a good idea, you need to give it a thought again. Non lighted signage works brilliantly for indoor and can be used for various purposes. It can be used as safety signs, like fire exists, directional signs, office signs etc. Also, it can bear the logo of your company, be a promo announcer, and some of it can be exclusively designed to add extra features.

In short, both lighted and non lighted custom business signage are an interesting and the simplest way to advertise or promote a business. But, you need to understand that both of them have distinct features and roles to play. So, you must know what you are looking for in order to buy the best product. 

When should you buy a sign?

It’s about Time You Bought Your Business a Sign! When Exactly?

Whenever you step out in the market place, or in a shopping mall, or even on a highway, what is that one thing that never escapes your eye? It’s outdoor signage! Yes, most businesses prefer it, and the reason for it is as simple as being visible to your prospective clientele. If you too are an entrepreneur, it may strike at one juncture or another that you too should get a sign if you haven’t one already.

But when exactly should you buy a sign? Is there a ‘ripe time’ for it? Well, this post lets you know several situations that do necessitate buying the most befitting custom business signage for your business. Here they are:

·         When You Wish to Get Recognized as a Brand

One thing that is needed to succeed like success in today’s scenario is to become a brand rather than an ordinary business. Yes, online promotions, social media, and all that jazz is just fine for being recognized as a brand online but what about clients that visit you in person? Do they see you as one? Probably not! So, be it exterior signage or interior signs, you will need it to be a brand. Also, as far as your location visibility is concerned, a good brand will always be physically visible to its client as well as passersby. It is like more publicity at just one-time cost.

·         When You Operate at a Location where Your Clients could Get Misled

This goes for those businesses that are located in places that are congested, and full of other business premises. There is nothing as bad as your clients not being able to find you, or even worse, being led to some alternative (worst if it is a tough competitor). It is your responsibility to make your signage such that leads your clients directly to you, even if it takes installing more signboards than one. And that is the beauty of custom business signage.

·         When Your Brand Voice is Incomplete without Visuals

Yes, now even if you have managed to be a known brand with a good logo, and an amazing advert with a great brand voice, your business can still be incomplete. A signboard is almost like as address for you enterprise. With the visual missing at the site, it could be like an address on the map but not on the street.

·         When You Face Tough Competition

Yup! You cannot afford to go wrong here. When your competition is thriving more than you, with or without their kind of signage, it is definitely about time you bought yourself your kind. Yes, visual impact makes a lot of difference. Human psychology will lead the customers to businesses that portray themselves well visually. Be it your main signage or office signs, you can leave your competition behind with a little extra effort. If you already have one, you may still need a new one when your competition has a real eye candy as compared to your run-of-the-mill sign.

So, don’t judge the need of the right signage in terms of time, there are situations when you will need it, and it will surely work for you.