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West Suburban Family Dental

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m7 - office.JPG

West Suburban Family Dental


3 layers
55" wide x 36" high

All pieces for the sign will be made from powder coated laser cut aluminum. 

The logo will have a green circular layer as the backer. Placed 1" in front of this will be a white circle. The black pieces of the tree will be placed 1/2-1" in front of the white layer. The green tooth piece will have the "white" pieces of the tree negatively cut from it so that it will show through to the white layer behind it.

The letters for "West Suburban Family Dental P.C." will all be individually cut. There will be white letters offset placed 1/2-1" behind the letters that will be made to directly attach to the wall, standing off 1". 

The logo portion of the sign will have a french cleat installed onto the back to allow for easy and secure mounting. For the letters we will provide a template that will show exactly where the drill marks should be made in order to mount each of them. 

Lighting will be installed on the logo piece of the sign between the back two layers of the sign, in between the white and green circles. 

Shipping included. 

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