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The Players Lounge

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m1 - Front.JPG
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The Players Lounge


84" wide by 48" tall
Three Layers

The sign will be made of powder coated aluminum. The letters "The Players Lounge" will be individually cut, powder coated a gold color, and placed 1" in front on its backer. The "Logo" (Golfer and Green with Flag) will be placed .5" and .75" respectively in front of their backer and will also be powder coated a gold color. The lettering "Golf & Social Club" will be cut out of the metal, and this piece will be a dark bronze color. We will place a gold colored piece of aluminum behind the lettering to give color to the lettering. The next layer will be a piece of aluminum powder coated a forest green color, and it will be set 1" behind the dark bronze piece. 

A french cleat will be attached to the back of the sign for easy and secure mounting. 

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