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Philadelphia Eagles Wings

m1 - Philadelphia Eagles.JPG
m1 - Philadelphia Eagles.JPG
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Philadelphia Eagles Wings


19 total signs
1 layer
15.5” wide x 7.25” high
Interior sign

Each sign will be made from laser cut, powder coated aluminum. The Eagle and name will be negatively cut from the metal and power coated a bronze color. 

Shipping included.

Names will be cut as shown in the image and listed below.
Al Quarles
Christian Nolasco
Elizabeth Williams
Joseph Bishop
Amy Lemmon
Craig Jeffries
Gayle Keagy
Kathleen Maurer
Charles Clarke
Demarcus Daye
Ian Gill
Khalil Smith
Marianne Micali
Melvin Scheiderman
Nadia Washington
Rob Zastavny
Ronald Booker
Teyler Gondos
Zev Lapidus

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