Medicare Advantage Summit

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p2 - front.JPG

Medicare Advantage Summit


2 layers
Each of the letters for "Better Medicare Alliance" will be 6" tall
Each of the letters for "Medicare Advantage Summit" will be 15" tall
Overall size 372" wide x 48" high
Interior sign

Each of the letters will be made from laser cut aluminum, powder coated silver. This will be made in 4 different sections, with each of the larger words being its own section - Medicare, Advantage, and Summit, and the smaller letters all connected in one section. All of the letters will be connected to a black piece of metal behind it. It will be made so that each of the words can then be bolted together to make it one unit. 

There will be a black chain attached at 4 points of the sign so that it can be hung from the ceiling. *Actual length of chains still needs to be determined. 

Shipping included. 

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