DAS Services

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DAS Services


5 layers
Logo - 24" wide x 24" high
Lettering - 30" wide x 17" high

All pieces for this sign will be made from powder coated laser cut aluminum. 

Each of the letters will be individually cut and powder coated a light silver. They will be made to be directly mounted to the wall, and stand off 1". A template will be provided to show exactly where the holes should be drilled in order to mount the letters. 

The logo will be made using a total of 5 layers, spaced apart 1/2"-1" from each other. The back layer will be powder coated to match the lettering, and the other pieces will be powder coated to match the mockup. A french cleat will be installed onto the back of the sign to allow for easy and secure mounting. 

Shipping included. 

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