Indy Infused Glass

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m3 - indy fused glass.JPG

Indy Infused Glass


Exterior Sign
Laser Cut Aluminum in one layer, two pieces.
Stainless Steel Standoffs
48 inches wide by 30 inches tall overall

Sign will be single layer pieces negatively cut with a logo. The cityscape will be a separate piece than the name. The 48 in wide by 21 inch high city landscape will be shaped as an offset of the exterior border. The buildings will be negatively cut from the aluminum. This laser cut aluminum piece will be powder coated silver. Below will hang a 36 inch wide by 7 inch high rectangular piece which will have “Indy Fused Glass” cut negatively out of it. This will be powder coated silver. This piece will hang using stainless steel standoffs.

Installation template and instructions will be included for the stainless steel standoffs.

Shipping included.

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