Custom Rusted Metal Signs

Satisfy that urge to give your sign that classic rustic look!

Normally it would take a very long time to give a sign that natural aged look that brings to mind fond memories of summer days, however we can bring about that change by using our very own patina treatment on your sign!

Take for example this sign for Ridgeline International which was crafted using corten steel and laser cut into a 48” x 48” two layered square with LED lighting added as well.

Custom Metal Sign-Styled By EK-Left-Lit-White-Lights Off.JPG

We also did a much smaller project for Button & Awl Americana Emporium which was a single layer sign with negative cuts.


We also crafted a sign for Great Frogs Winery where we applied a patina treatment for rusting. This one is sized at 24” wide by 18” tall and is two layered with 2” between the layers.

Copy of IMG_3124.JPG