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The client sent us the version of their logo that they wanted us to turn into a sign. 


We visited their location to see where we were going to mount it. We took pictures of the location and created mock-ups of different size signs. We settled on the 8ft wide version and decided to only use the colors blue and black to make the sign stand out the best from the wall. The final product was this. 

PFP - Final Pic.jpg


CKM Advisors (2015-12-10)

They explained that they wanted a two layer sign that they were going to hang on a wooden paneled wall and they wanted the wood to be seen through the CKM. They also said they wanted the word "ADVISORS" at 3/4 of the height of CKM to the right of the sign. They wanted ADVISORS to be channel lettering. The lettering was too small to add hardware to so I suggested that we use industrial strength double sided tape on the back of the letters so they would stick directly to the wall.  

This was the final product. 

ATARI'S GALAGA (2015-12-20)

A client requested that we remake her fiance's favorite game. It sounded like an interesting project so we jumped on it. She sent us the following pictures

We ended up creating this and the customer was shocked. 

Galaga - Final.jpg

LAND AND WILDLIFE (2015-12-22)

Another customer contacted us about a custom sign for their company. They sent us their logo, which was this. 

The client sent us dimensions for the space where the sign was planned so we created the first mock-up which looked like this. 


This sign was very different than other signs we have done. First, the customer wanted the "LAND AND" lettering to be channel lettering, which means lettering that attaches directly to the wall. The customer also wanted the sign to be easy to install, and channel lettering is never easy to install. So we developed a way to hide the backer plate for the lettering so installation would be easy, while giving the look of channel lettering. Since we powder coat all of our different parts, we have a limited number of colors to choose from, around 1,000. On a computer you have over 100,000. We confirmed with the client before hand that the colors worked for them by sending them pictures of different swatches. 

Here was the final product