Product Tiers

No matter the decision on the style or type of piece of art you decide to go with, we will deliver the highest quality available. However, there are numerous ways for us to design your product that we have decided to segment into three categories as seen below, based on the histories of three of the largest business magnates - Rockefeller, Carnegie or Vanderbilt. Read each of the descriptions below and let us know which category fits your project best.

The Rockefeller (Supreme Deluxe)

Considered the richest person in modern history, Rockefeller built an oil empire that spawned the creation of Exxon, Mobile, Amoco, Chevron and Mobile. He drove the nicest cars and had immense mansions. For him, image was extremely important and he spared no expense in his business or personal life.


Rockefeller - Brass Knuckles
Custom Metal Sign-Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates-Left.JPG

The Carnegie (Traditional)

After recognizing the benefits of steel over iron, Carnegie created US steel to supply the strong, durable material to numerous industries. He employed a huge number of people and built vast wealth. While image was important, Carnegie equally weighed price and value.

Carnegie signs make a strong statement - they are sharp, crisp, and beautiful. If they include lighting, the lighting is pretty a little more simple.

Custom Metal Sign-Higher Ground Financial Ext.-right.JPG

The Vanderbilt (Utilitarian)

A shrewd business owner, Vanderbilt believed he could run any business 20% more efficiently than his competition. He built a nationwide shipping company and towards the end of his life, focused on building the nation’s railways. A term Vanderbilt used often was “Go Ahead,” which meant the ability to get the job done while being cost conscious.

Vanderbilt signs have one purpose - to get your name or design on the wall. There is limited glitz and glamour, but the product is still made with the same high end aluminum and powder coating as is used in all of our other signs.

Custom Metal Sign-Natural Stone Design Group-left.JPG