Custom Medical Office Signs

Signs to prove your dedication to Medical Practice.

ShieldCo Art can help create your logo, design, idea into a unique, creative metal sign with back lighting to boldly display your logo in your clinic, pharmacy or medical office space.

With ShieldCo, the possibilities are endless; here’s a few of different types of signs we've done for other medical/pharmacy companies; take ideas from them and send it to us!


MYTest Diagnostics

MyTest Diagnostics offers convenient Concierge Laboratory services to the Health conscious population that takes Accountability for their well being in Lee County, Florida. This was a three layer design; with a compelling color palette. The silver and slate gray give it a really sleek look but the blue brings a calm and fun tone to it. Learn more about them here.

Potomac Care Pharmacy


Potomac Care is an independent custom compounding pharmacy focused on personalized care for North Potomac, Darnestown, Rockville and Gaithersburg, MD, and surrounding communities. This sign contains a lot of small very thin parts in the sun rays; when designing we had to be extremely precise and careful with the fabrication. They are very personable pharmacy with a warm welcoming staff.

THrive Pharmacy

We did three signs for Thrive Pharmacy in Clarksburg, MD.  Both have the same logo but one is the negative of the other. These signs work well to bring the whole office aesthetic together. Thrive pharmacy accepts all health insurances and offers free local delivery!


CSS, located in Ohio, believes that people with developmental disabilities should have the same opportunity as anyone else to maximize the potential of their lives.  They work to empower them to make their own decisions, integrate into their communities and reach their full potential. With designs like this we have to make sure each duplicate of a letter is exactly the same as the original so in case they get mixed up it will still be perfect! Learn more here.





MOre of our medical/pharmacy signage!