Custom Back-lit Lobby Signs

Light up your office, home or business. 

ShieldCo Art can help create your logo, design, idea into a unique, creative metal sign with back lighting to boldy display your logo in your lobby.

With ShieldCo, the possibilities are endless; here’s a few of different types of signs other offices have taken advantage of with ShieldCo’s superior design and customized fabrication of metal signs.



Originally we thought most of our clients would be colleges, universities and students looking to represent their school! We've expanded much past this but are still very proud of our affiliation with UMD. This is a 3D sign with multiple layers with lighting right behind the "M" highlighting the logo's association with Maryland. The University of Maryland offers a wide variety of great programs; check out their catalog here.

H&H Fire Protection


This sign was a fun and challenging project. A four layer design with two layers having lighting and a negative cut out definitely made us think outside of the box! Overall, it turned out great the shape and boldness of colors really lights it up; not to mention the changing lights behind the fire and first red layer!

Elite Dental

This is practically two signs in one. Without the lights on its a sleek modern fun design with the curvy shapes. With the lights on it accentuates the contrast of layers and the text of "Elite Dental." This company can take care of any problem you have involving your mouth! We are currently working on a second sign with their mission statement!

810 Crossfit

810 CrossFit is a community located in Grand Blanc, MI that is dedicated to elite health & fitness.  With an all inclusive based membership, we were more than happy to work with them! This was one of the first lighted signs we did. It was fun to figure out how to light this design discreetly with how much negative space there is! Learn more about 810 Crossfit here.

Check out a few of our other lighted signs below!