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Speciality design, laser cutting and fabrication

what is laser cutting and why should i have it done?

Laser cutting is a process that uses a laser to cut through various materials and is mostly used for industrial manufacturing. The laser is focused through a special optical lens and directed using CNC, or computer numerical control, software to either melt, burn, vaporize, or blow away the specified area of material to leave a high quality finished edge.

ShieldCo specializes in laser cutting services and design. Whether you need a single piece for a small project or a run of 10,000 units, we can help you from initial design to final product.  We are a team of artists and artisans and look forward to working with you.

laser cut 3.jpg

From INterior wall partitions to exterior gates and decor, ShieldCo can create something truly unique that will last lifetimes

laser cut wall partition

We use both plasma and CO2 lasers depending on the precision required for your project.  If you don't yet have a cuttable vector (.dwg, .dxf, etc.) file our designers can convert your existing drawing.  

laser cut wall partition
laser cut art
laser cut railing
laser cut wall art
laser cut table
laser cut art 2
laser cut part
laser cut chairs

We prefer to use laser cutting to ensure that our products will have excellent precision as well as a standard of quality to be able to have them work together seamlessly with one another.