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Bring Your Sign to Life with Custom Lighting

Looking for a little something extra? Our internal and external custom lighting options add exceptional visual impact to any sign.

Internal Lighting

Lyft New Jersey

Lyft New Jersey


Internal LED lights help bring your logo to life!
We offer custom LED lights that can be set to a range of different colors and cycles.


External Lighting

Individual Letters - externally lit - Oldetowne - powder coated aluminum sign

Oldetowne Landscape Architects
Softly focused external lights paired with individually cut letters draw the right kind of attention to this custom sign.


Commissioned Art Pieces



Creative Metal - Crab Sign Lit.jpg

We created this custom crab sign completely in stainless steel for a local business in Frederick, MD.
With the striking blue lighting, the sign's handcrafted beauty stands out even more at night!

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