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Custom Metal Signs Wonderful Personalized Business Or Family Name Signs

Custom Metal Signs Give You An Exemplary Way To Define Your Business Or Family Name. Personalized Metal Artwork Shaped To Your Name On Metal, And Beautifully Installed On Your Real Estate. Is A Highly Effective Way To Ensure Your Home Or Business Is Properly Reflective Of You.

Custom metal signs, whatever their location and whatever metals they are made of, enable you to transcend from the standard to the rarefied air of art. When you truly have pride in your business or family name, you wish to ensure it is shown in the best light. That everything connected to, and associated with your name. Is reflective of quality, dependability and the other qualities you wish to be known, and remembered, for. That is exactly what Shield Co. helps you accomplish, when we create a custom metal sign for you. Whether we create a wonderful lightweight aluminum sign, that doubles as a beautiful piece of wall art. Or fabricate a custom sign from steel, copper or another metal reflective of who you are. And which can be fabricated and finished, so that it becomes the most durable sign you can have of your identity, in whatever location you wish to place it.
Naturally, you have the concept in mind. You know that getting a high quality, beautifully crafted, custom metal sign composed around your business or family name, and the effect it will create. Is going to be the right thing in terms of what you want. Knowing what is possible, how Shield Co. works and what we are capable of, well that is why you are here right now. Isn't it. Take your time to flow through here, soak in the various custom metal sign designs that we have crafted and produced for various customers of ours. They stand as strong testimonial to the craftsmanship that will go into your custom metal sign when we are creating it for you. All the way through from initially designing, material selection, creating and delivering. Shield Co. is driven by the passion of helping you to achieve the vision you have in mind. And we just happen to have some of the best talent in the world, when it comes to custom metal signs and artwork.
  1. Custom Metal Signs Wonderful Personalized Business Or Family Name Signs
  2. Wall Art, A Framed Custom Metal Sign, A Design Crafted Around Your Family Name?
  3. Solid Metal Customized To Unique Designs To Display The Wonderful Image You Desire
  4. Metal Signs How The Finishes And Material Selection Elevates Your Design To An Artwork
  5. Custom Metal Signs As Works Of Art How Our Family Business Is Unique And Effective
  6. Getting Your Business Or Family Name Crafted Into Your Perfect Custom Metal Sign Artwork
So flow on through, and be sure from what you find, that getting in contact, and getting your free quote, is a wonderful step forward for your vision coming to life. If you are more intersted in a custom metal sign for your business, then check our custom business signage page.

Wall Art, A Framed Custom Metal Sign, A Design Crafted Around Your Family Name?

Understanding the location and concept are core to effective manifestation of your vision. This is where communication plays a huge part in our being able to create the artwork you desire. These things are important to any custom sign creation. And when is comes to metals there are various key factors which our knowing, helps to ensure effective results for you.

Wall Art Custom Metal Artwork To Enhance Your Real Estate

With wall art, naturally the weight of the custom metal sign has to be kept within certain tolerances. So understanding the surface, the wall material, is important. Beyond this, the environment is important too. Is it humid? How far can the design project from the wall while remaining tasteful and useful?

Framed Custom Metal Signs Ensuring That The Material And Lighting Is Effective For You

If the custom metal sign is to be framed, similar questions to those above are important, and also the frame material. What type of material is going to blend well with your home or business? Depending on where it is to be located that is. Would you like a material which blends in, allowing the artwork of the metal sign to stand out on its own? Or a material, perhaps with lighting, that really draws attention?

Designing Your Custom Metal Sign To Fulfil The Perfect Happy Vision You Have

The core concept of your custom metal sign artwork is crucial too. Are we creating this around the visual of your family name? Or is something else reflective of your family or business going to be the core concept? These are just a few simple things. When we meet, ideally depending on distance, we will flow through everything needed to build the concept. This is something we love doing. We really do get excited about the custom metal signs and personalized metal artwork that we craft for people. Creating something totally unique, bringing together the domains of artwork and metalwork, for the wonderful happy result they bring our customers. Well that is why we love doing this so much. And why creating custom metal signs for unique customers, like you, makes us so happy.

Solid Metal Customized To Unique Designs To Display The Wonderful Image You Desire

Solid metal and well honed skills in working it into wonderful artwork, is what Shield Co. was founded on. Custom metal signs have been a natural progression for our family. Our origins lay deep in creating wonderful artwork that can be seen in some of the most amazing places. Check out our rich history of custom metal creations in our about section, and see how heavily we are steeped in the world of metal artwork. This history, and the skill derived from it, is how we know that when we have finished your custom metal sign, we will have crafted a piece of art you are truly happy with. This is more than just a momentary happiness. You are getting a custom metal sign which will make you, and those who see it, happy for many years. Depending on the material is used, or selection of metals according to the design and desired result, your new custom metal sign could even go beyond a lifetime. Making future generations happy too.

Metal Signs How The Finishes And Material Selection Elevates Your Design To An Artwork

Every material has its own set of properties. Metals vary greatly in terms of their durability, and ease of fabrication. What metal, or metals, and finishes are going to be right for you?

Stainless Steel One Of The Most Durable Metals That Keeps A Wonderful Clean Look To It

Stainless steel as you likely know, is one of the most durable metals available. Its resistance to rust being one of the traits that make it appealing, especially for when you wish to have an exterior metal sign to enhance your home, and your real estate. Stainless steel is also challenging when it comes to fabrication. The mixture of metals that create the alloy, iron, chromium, and nickel combine to make welding and shaping it a very specialist thing. The finished pieces of metal artwork, your completed custom sign, are wonderful to behold though. Plus they keep their beauty for generations.

Steel Sign With A Difference Using Cor-Ten Steel And Its Stunning Rusted And Rustic Look

Cor-Ten steel is another metal alloy that sets off a stunning impression. Cor-Ten steel has a rusted appearance to it. However, it is a stable rust. Developed to eliminate the need for painting, and to actually have a rusted look, while remaining strong and durable. The rusted look giving the metal a wonderful rustic yet slightly industrial look. It is a metal which has been used to fashion high-end real estate. It is also a material that we have used to wonderful effect for certain customers who wanted very unique custom metal signs. Rustic metal signs like this can really set you out from the crowd. Depending on the décor of the environment, the look of a rustic metal sign made from Cor-Ten could be a stunning, yet understated, piece of custom metal art to display your unique qualities and value.

Aluminum Signs For Lightweight And Bright Wall Art That's Resistant And Durable

An aluminum sign also brings a wonderful amount of charm, when crafted right. With aluminum signs, you have again one of the most durable metals working for you in your investment. This combination of resistance and durability, while being lightweight and easy to work with. Unless being welded that is. Is what makes the choice of an aluminum sign the simple choice for many who want a custom metal sign reflective of their business or family name. With the right craftsmanship, aluminum signs can be either stunning and bold. Or, wonderful and tastefully understated. Aluminum is a very versatile material indeed.

Copper Brings A Happy Warmth To Your Custom Metal Sign And Whatever Location It Goes

Copper may seem like an unusual choice. And it has become so. In years past though, copper was used widely. It has a beautiful green hue to it when it becomes weathered. And when polished it takes on that wonderful warm metallic orange-brown look that creates warm, rich feelings inside. Copper is a relatively easy metal to work with. As a material though it does require a reasonable amount of care in order to maintain a glossy, shining appearance. Frequent polishing. Unless of course you are wanting the green weathered look. Which in itself has an established, almost regal, look to it. Copper is a material that we have used to stunning effect for certain customers. With their custom metal signs having a very personalized look, which gives them wonderful presence.

Colors For A Truly Personalized Custom Metal Sign From Full Color To Single Or Partial Color

Clean metals, finished with just polishing can be stunning. As can metallic alloys with unique finishes such as Cor-Ten steel. There are times when a little more color is just the right thing though. And through the powder coating we do, we can bring just the right amount of color to your custom metal sign for really effective results.

Custom Metal Sign Color Options

  • Full Color – Coating every part of your custom metal sign according to the colors you set.
  • Single Color – Coating the full custom metal sign in a single uniform color as specified.
  • Partial Color – Coating just the parts of your custom metal sign that you wish colored.
The addition of color to custom metal signs can cause dramatic effects. Granted in pure metallic form they have a wonderful beauty to them. And there are times when the addition of color, be it to accentuate your family name, or portray your logo in its most recognizable way. Is best. Variation of colors and metals can set up some very effective contrasts. You may find rustic metal signs custom crafted from Cor-Ten steel, with powder coated logos in stunning vibrant colors. Create exactly the effect you desire. Or, metal backing, awash with a single color. While layered in-front are copper and aluminum. Bringing shine and depth to communicate something very personal to you. All through this wonderful custom metal art that we have created for you. These are the kind of reasons that people who value their name and their reputation, choose to have Shield Co. craft a custom metal sign for them. Talking to us, and getting a real idea about the custom metal art we can craft for you, is seriously worth doing.

Custom Metal Sign Crafted From A Different Metal? Or, Using A Selection Of Metals?

The metals mentioned above are just some of the sign materials we can work with. We regularly create custom metal signs for clients using multiple layers, with each layer being a different metal. Hence the reason that our signs are so unique. And are so reflective of the vision, and image, our customers wished to portray. Our roots and background are in metal artwork. And those roots go a long way back in our family. As well as with the creation team we have here. So when it come to creating a custom metal sign for you, we can do an amazing range of things to bring your vision to life. Contacting us, getting a free quote for your custom metal sign idea is one of the best things you can do right now. By getting communication started, you can come to realize exactly what working with us will be like. And exactly how well we can do what you wish for. Get in contact and get Shield Co. to craft a wonderful custom metal sign for you.

Custom Metal Signs As Works Of Art How Our Family Business Is Unique And Effective

One of the things you have likely picked up, is our heritage. Custom metal art from our origins is all over the US. In some fairly incredible places. We have a solid history of creating wonderful, beautiful metal art. Reading through our origins in metal artwork could really surprise, and delight you. We are also much more than our origins too. We are a true family business. Working here in the US. And that is something we are hugely proud of. One of the things that drives us is helping make the US and even greater place than is already is. While creating custom metal signs is one way we do this, we also give back too. Neil is a former Army Ranger, helped to form the Pointe du Hoc Foundation in 2010, supporting Rangers and their families. Something which has extended into Shield Co. and how we work, and live. We believe that quality and compassion are things to exhibit every day. At Shield Co. we strive to enhance quality of life through everything we do. Through our continuing support of the Pointe du Hoc Foundation, along with other charities. Through the way we work and communicate, both with each other within Shield Co., and also with our wonderful customers, people like you. This blends into every piece of custom metal art we create. And helps in a wonderful reflective way, each and every customer who has a custom metal sign, brought to life with our craftsmanship. We produce custom metal signs and artwork that enhance life.

Beautifully Crafted Metal Artwork And Custom Metal Signs Are Our Long Running Passion

Through channelling this passion into creating each and every custom metal sign, and every piece of custom metal art too, we enhance the lives of those interacting with what we have crafted. Yes, just by looking at metal artwork, and custom signs, of this nature you are interacting with them. The metal signs we produce have a wonderful effect on the hearts and minds of those who see them. Because everyone appreciates quality. So, for us, knowing that what we do, improves lives and businesses. Making people happy. Making you happy. From creating the custom metal signs and artwork that we are passionate about. We gain a wonderful sense of fulfilment too. Which is beneficial to all. Because it drives us on to produce ever more wonderful metal artwork every time. The love we have pervades every aspect of the craftsmanship, and our business. So when you order your custom metal sign, or custom metal artwork, from us. Whether it has your family name emblazoned across it, your company logo, or a rich beautiful scene of colors and textures reflective of the message you wish to share. You know that your order is going to be crafted into life with love and passion. For a result that will make you happy and smile, year after year.
Whether a copper, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel or aluminum sign, or some other metal. Or potentially a combination set with a wonderful layered effect. Is going to be most reflective of the image, and message, you wish to share and portray. Shield Co. have have the passion, skill and effective craftsmanship, to bring your vision to life. Whether your custom metal sign, with all its beautiful custom artwork, is to be an interior piece such as wall art to define your lobby, entrance or lift the energy of a particular room. Or an exterior piece, elevating the status of the piece of real estate you wish to enhance with it. Shield Co. will create that custom metal sign for you, in a way that defines beauty and quality.

Cost To Fit Your Budget Get A Free Quote For Your Custom Metal Sign And Refine

We love working with customers to fulfil their visions. We would love to fulfil your vision, through creating a wonderful custom metal sign that fits both your vision, and your budget. Getting your free quote is your first step forward. Communicate with us. Share your ideas and what you are thinking and feeling. We are totally happy to take the time to understand exactly what you wish for, in the most effective way. Let us know what your budget is for creating a custom metal sign too. That way we can work with the right things in mind. To produce a quote for the wonderful metal artwork, which is right for you. Get a free quote for a custom metal sign that will make you truly happy. Getting a sign maker who can produce the exquisite for you can be challenging. And actually getting a wonderful piece of metal artwork that embodies your intent in an effective way is a challenge again. At Shield Co. we love that challenge. So all the custom metal signs we create, whether they're stainless steel or aluminum signs, are crafted with love to make people truly happy. Allow us to make you really happy, first with a free quote that makes you smile. And then with the wonderful custom metal sign that you will love. Let Shield Co. produce the perfect metal artwork, that personalized metal signage, that will be perfect for you.