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Project Name-Yakabod 


Client Submitted Image

Original Request- Looking for a couple of custom signs for our new office space. Want them to be back lit too if possible.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

 Two door plaque signs 3 Layers 16" wide by 4.35" tall

Core Value lettering 1 layer 60" wide by 4.2" tall 

Core Value Plaques 1 Layer varying sizes from 22.5" wide to 19" wide

Yakabod Logo Sign 2 Layers 22" wide by 22" tall

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design

Door Plaques 16" Wide by 4.35" Tall

Core Value Lettering 60" Wide by 4.2" Tall

Core Value Plaques 22.5" Wide to 19" Wide

Yakabod Logo Sign 22" Wide by 22" Tall 

Color/Finish- Powder coat 

Final Thoughts

The Yakabod Core Values signs are all LED back lit and mounted directly into the brick. The stairwell signs had one part being a two layer cleat and individual letters sign and another part was a three layer LED back lit signs with cleats. This project's design and assembly was challenging enough, but then came the part to install all the signs into the building. We spend most of the day drilling into brick and standing on ladders twelve feet above the ground in a stairwell, overall the project was amazing and the results speak for themselves! 



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