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Neon vs LED Sign Lighting: Which is better for my business?

The most common options for lighting interior signage is through LED and Neon lights.

Before we dive into the differences, let’s start with why you even need lighting?

When you’re walking or driving by, let’s face it, an illuminated sign is going to capture your attention way faster than an unlit sign. That means the difference in choosing your store or your competitors.

But why do I need lighting? I’m only open during the daytime.

Even during the day, lighting can make a big impact. If your lobby sign is illuminated, it’s going to make a much bigger and memorable first impression on your customers.

Also, just because you close at 5pm doesn’t mean potential customers aren’t walking/driving by after that. They’re  not choosing to work with you because they didn’t notice your office.

Let your signage work for you even when you’re not there!

Client Photo-Insta.JPG

So how do you know which type of lighting to pick?

Well, let’s start with the perks of our top choice, LED lights:

  • Last Longer

  • Don’t contain harmful gases

  • Brighter

  • Use less energy

  • Don’t need to be replaced regularly

  • Ability to change colors

Things to consider about Neon:

  • Neon contains mercury which is harmful to the environment

  • Made of glass and easily broken

  • The one perk is the nostalgia of the old school look and warm light

neon sign example.JPG

LED lights can be utilized in several ways to create unique effects depending on which layers of the sign they are used on. Here’s some examples of how you can incorporate LED lighting into your custom sign to really make it stand out.

33a-Stillwater Human Capital.JPG
Copy of Custom Metal Lit Signage (47).jpg

If you’re not sure how to best utilize lighting with your particular logo or design, simply give us a call and speak with one of our designers. Or go ahead and start the quoting process at the link below, and one of our designers will review your information and be ready with some options to discuss.

Custom Metal Sign - Vault Music Studios -  Front - Purple.JPG

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