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Scene Clean

Scene Clean

Location- Walkersville, Maryland

Original Request- You previously did a large metal sign for me about 8 months ago (Family Prayer), and we have been so pleased with the piece that we'd like to see if you'd be interested in doing a different sign for our business. The wording and font choice are on the attached document. We'd like to also have our company logo at the bottom of the sign (as seen in my signature of this email). This piece would be hung in our conference room so I'm thinking 32" wide x 26" tall would be a good size, but definitely open to your suggestions.

3D Mockups

m4 - front.JPG

Agreed Upon Specifications

Final Images of Design


Final Specs of Design

Width- 18”

Height- 18”

Layers- 1 layer

Color/Finish- Powder coated

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