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Sakkas, Cahn, & Weiss LLP

Sakkas, Cahn, & Weiss LLP

Location- New York, New York

Client Submitted Image

m1 - Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss.PNG

Original Request- This sign will go in a waiting area for a law firm. I sent you two sample logos above instead of a sample location. The High Res is our logo by itself. The other image is for stationary and banner on website, but offers additional blue, which I think adds to the flavor of the sign and makes it a little brighter, and I'd be curious to see you guys add poetic license into your mock-up. Look forward to hearing from you.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design

Width- 60"

Height- 20.25"

Layers- 4 Layers

Color/Finish- Powder Coat

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