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Portland Oregon Police

Project Name- Portland Oregon Police

Location -  Portland, Oregon

Client Submitted Image


Original Request- I would like to get a quote for a custom sign including estimated delivery time and total cost. I have attached a picture our badge that I would like to recreate as a sign. I’m not sure about the dimensions but would be open to discussing what would look best. I’d like the seal in the center to be raised, the banner under it to be raised and the colors would remain the same as in the picture.

Thank-You for your assistance. 

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

32" Wide x 42" Tall
8 Layers

The sign will be made out of powder coated aluminum in the colors shown in the 3D mockups and will have appropriate spacing to provide the desired look. 

Final Images of Design

Pictured above from left to right is: Capt. J.R. Hill Commanding Officer of the USS Portland receiving the badge at a dinner the night before the commissioning from Commander Robert King of the Portland Police Bureau (retired) and Lieutenant Leo Besner. 

Final Specs of Design

Width- 32" 

Height- 42"

Layers- 8 

Color/Finish- Powder Coat 

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