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Nassau LIghthouse

Project Name - Nassau Lighthouse
Location - Darien, Connecticut 

Client submitted image

Nassau client image.JPG


Original Request - Need a small custom logo for the door outside our modest office.

3D Mockups

m3 - Nassau Lighthouse.JPG

Agreed upon specifications

48" wide by 32.67" tall
Two layer sign

The backer of the sign is going to be made of 1/4" thick glass. The "Nassau Lighthouse" logo will be powder coated blue and the lettering will be brushed aluminum. These parts will be mounted directly to the glass. 

We will provide edge grip mounts to mount the sign on the wall. There will be a .5" gap between the back of the glass and the wall. Template and hardware provided.

Final Images of design

Final Specs of sign

Width - 48"
Height - 32.67"
Layers - 2
Material - Glass and Aluminum
Colors/Finishes- Powder coat

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