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Mississippi Valley Surgery Center

Project Name-Mississippi Valley Surgery Center

Location- Davenport, Iowa 

Client Submitted Image

Client Image.jpg

Original Request- Would like a 2 signs similar to the other sign you made for us.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

2 Signs
1 sign - 48" wide x 12.5" high
1 sign - 60" wide x 15.5" high

Each of the pieces for this sign will be made from 1/4" brushed aluminum. All pieces of the logo will be individually cut and made to be directly mounted to the wall, standing off by 1". The "M" and "V" letters in the squares will be negatively cut from the squares. 

A template will be provided to show exactly where the drill marks should be made in order to mount the sign. 

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design

First sign is 60" Wide by 15.5" Tall
Second sign is 48" Wide by 12.5" Tall


Color/Finish- Brushed Aluminum

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