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Merritt Properties

Project Name-Merritt Properties


Client Submitted Image

Merritt Clubs Logo Client image.jpg

Original Request-I'm the project manager for the Merritt Redevelopment project and we are looking for a double sided custom metal sign.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

4' wide by 4' tall sign
Double sided
LED lighting
The sign will be made of laser cut, powder coated aluminum. The
sign will be double sided. Each side will have anodized aluminum
parts to make the "M" attached to a black backer piece with exposed
bolts, and 2" between the two layers. Attached to the back of the
"M" parts will be LED lighting, which will have a controller to
allow for changing of the colors.
A single, 3 prong plug, with black cord, will extend from the top of
the sign.
Each side of the sign will be attached to a 2" thick aluminum
framework. Extending from the top of the framework will be arms
that will extend ZZZ (distance TBD), and will have a plate on the
top for mounting the sign to the underside of an I Beam.

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design



Layers- 4

Color/Finish-Powder coat 


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