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Lee University - Flame

Project Name - Lee University - Flame
Location - Cleveland, Tennesse 

Client submitted image

SOB Mural_Mockup_1.jpg

Original Request -  We just opened a new School of Business at Lee University. We have a large brick accent wall in the lobby of the building. I'd like to see about the possibility of
putting a large metal institutional logo on the wall. I'm thinking the logo would
have a brushed metal look, I do like the Idea of having light behind it to provide depth.

3D Mockups

Agreed upon specifications

2 layers
72" wide x 147.5" high
Interior sign
Lighting included

All pieces of this sign will be made from laser cut powder coated 1/4" aluminum. 

The back layer of the sign will be a dark silver color (PMB 5308). The front layer of the sign will be 1" narrower and will be placed 1-2" in front of the back layer. The front layer will be powder coated a shiny silver color (PMB 1544). Lighting will be installed in between the two layers. 

The lighting wire will be separate for each of the three pieces. It will need a standard plug for power supply.

Final Images of design


Final Specs of sign

Width -72"
Height - 147.5"
Layers - 2
Material - 1/4" Aluminum
Colors/Finishes- Powder Coat

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