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Iowa City Regina

Project Name - Iowa City Regina
Location - Coralville, Iowa 

Client submitted image

Original Request - I'd like to have a quote prepared for two each with a lighted background.
I'd also like a quote for a smaller desktop version of each (no light) around the size of
8" x 8".

3D Mockups

Agreed upon specifications

30" tall by 28.6" wide
Two layers

The sign will be made in three separate pieces from powder coated aluminum. The first layer will be the cross, and it will be powder coated yellow and attached to the white backer, with a 1" gap between the two layers. The "R" will be powder coated blue and it will be attached to the white backer with a .5" gap between the two layers. 

Final Images of design

Final Specs of sign

Width - 28.6"
Height - 30"
Layers - 2
Material - Aluminum
Colors/Finishes- Powder coat

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