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Goldwater Bank

Project Name - Goldwater Bank
Location - Frederick, Maryland 

Client submitted image


Original Request - The wall
there is about 119inches(wide) by 9ft (tall). There will likely be chairs
underneath. So it would need to centered from a width perspective but a little
higher than center on height. I attached a picture, let me know if you need something better. The wall is black. And our company logo is black & gold. So I am thinking we can use
something more gold to play off of the black wall. But I will differ to your

3D Mockups


Agreed upon specifications - 

Logo Portion - 25" wide by 25" tall
Lettering - 96" wide by 7.8" tall

The sign would be made in two main parts - the logo and the lettering. The logo would be three layers. The first layer would be the letters "GB" powder coated gold, attached to a black backer with a 1" gap between the two layers. Behind the black backer would be a gold backer, which would frame the "logo", and help it stand out against the black wall. There would be a 1" gap between the black and gold backer. 

Below the logo would be the lettering "Goldwater Bank" as shown in the mockup. It would be attached directly to the wall with 1" spacers between the letters and the wall. 

Final Images of design - 


Final Specs of sign

Width - Logo- 25" Lettering- 96"
Height - Logo- 25" Lettering- 7.8"
Layers - Logo 2 layers
Material - Aluminum
Colors/Finishes- Powdercoat

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