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Eagles-Tailgate of the Game

Project Name-Eagles-Tailgate of the Game


Client Submitted Image


Original Request-I'd like to have a custom sign that is similar to this coin, except we'd like it to say "Certified Tailgate" on it.

3D Mockups

p8 - front.JPG

Agreed Upon Specifications

3 layers
18" in diameter

The back layer of the sign will be powder coated silver and will be a circular ring. Placed .25" in front of that will be a black ring, with the outline of the Eagle in the center connected to it. This piece will have all of the lettering negatively cut from it. Placed .25" in front of that will be the detailed layer for the Eagle, as shown in the mockup.  

A french cleat will be attached to the back of the sign to allow for easy and secure mounting. 

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design





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