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Dodge Brothers

Dodge Brothers

Location- Kennebunkport, Maine

Client Submitted Image

m1 - Dodge Brothers.JPG

Original Request- We need two (2) reproduction trade sighs for placement on the wood rack that sits on top of the pickup truck bed. The dimensions are 12" high X 24 " wide See the attached PDF file and a sampling of photos. From the work you display in your web site, I noticed your company is great at capturing the three dimensional aspects we are looking for for the vintage sign sample in the PDF file. There are many layers of texture and color potential to the Dodge Brothers sign I would like to discuss as well.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

Final Images of Design


Final Specs of Design

Width- 24”

Height- 9.5”

Layers- 4 layers

Color/Finish- Powder Coated

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