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Clark County Sheriff's Office

Project Name-Clark County Sheriff's Office 


Client Submitted Image


Original Request- I would like a sign with the words being raised and the background to be brown.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

18" tall by 18" wide
3 Layers

The sign will be made of powder coated, laser cut aluminum. The front layer will be the circle with the lettering "Greg Herrick...." cut out of it. It will be attached to a black circle with a .5" space between the two. The black circle will have the lettering "Clark County....." cut out of it and it will be attached to a gold badge with a 1" space between the two. The gold badge will have the lettering "Sheriff" cut out of it. 

A french cleat will be attached to the back of the sign for easy hanging. 

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design




Color/Finish-Powder coat

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