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Carey Lobby Sign

Project Name-Carey Lobby Sign

Location- Frederick, Maryland

Client Submitted Image

Client Provided File.jpg

Original Request- Want a custom metal sign for our front lobby desk.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

90" wide by 46" tall
Two layer sign
The sign will be made of laser cut, powder coated aluminum, with stainless steel
hardware. The lettering "CAREY" will bepowder coated five different colors of blue
(Baltic Blue, Bristol Blue, Gold Dust,Blue Bird, Celestial Blue, as shown on the
client provided file) and offset from the white backer with 1.5" spacers. The lettering "INTERNATIONAL" would also be powder coated black, and offset from the white backer with 1" spacers. The "Bar" would be offset from the backer with .75" spacers. The lettering on the bottom left hand side "Carey", and "embarque" would be cut out of the white backer, and you would be able to see the wall behind this lettering.

Final Images of Design


Final Specs of Design




Color/Finish- Powder coat

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