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Bradleigh Applications

Project Name - Bradleigh Applications 

Location - Crofton, Maryland

Client Submitted Image


Original Request - The size shown is a rough estimate for our office space.The finished sign could be a couple inches smaller or bigger. I have to remeasure the wall to which it will be mounted but I wanted to get a rough quote from you guys. I need to discuss the sign process
with someone as Im not sure if we want 1 or two layers. I need to figure out cost
and better understand the color process. The attached file is a mockup of the
logo, on the actual wall where it will be mounted and is close to final size.

3D Mockups

Agreed Upon Specifications

2 layers
111" wide x 42" high
Interior sign

Each of the pieces for the sign will be made from laser cut powder coated aluminum. Each of the letters will be individually cut and made to be directly mounted to the wall, offset by 1". 

The logo will be made using 2 layers, with the black pieces offset from the bronze and silver pieces by 1-1.5". 

A template will be provided to show exactly where the holes should be drilled for mounting. 

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design

Width - 111"

Height - 42"

Layers - 2

Color/Finish - Powder coat



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