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ACME Furniture

Project Name-ACME Furniture

Location- High Point, North Carolina 

Client Submitted Image


Original Request- We are in need of a custom metal "sculptural" sign as well as metal letters spelling out the name of the company. Would like a three dimensional sphere with the red "A" and the letters "ACME" just be individual letters. 

3D Mockups

m3 - Acme Furniture.JPG

Agreed Upon Specifications

2 separate pieces
Half sphere - 18" diameter, extends 9" from the wall
ACME lettering - 45" wide x 10" high

The half sphere will be made of .5" thick aluminum round, bent into the shape of a half sphere. There will be 7 longitudinal pieces, and 5 latitudinal pieces. From the back of the design will extend 6 metal studs, to attach the half sphere to the wall. The half sphere will be powder coated a gold color as determined by the client. On the center longitudinal piece, a red A will be attached. It will be 7" tall and made of 1/8" thick aluminum. The A will be slightly curved to match the curve of the sphere.

ACME lettering
Copperplate Gothic Font, 10" tall

To the right of the half sphere will be the lettering ACME, as shown in the client's logo. This lettering will be powder coated the same gold color as the sphere and made of 1/8" thick aluminum. There will be studs extending from the back of each letter, to attach each letter to the wall. Each letter will be offset from the wall .5".

Product Update - Instead of .125" thick material for the curved "A" we are going to use .145" thick. Instead of 6-32 mounting rods extending from the back of the half sphere, we will use 10-24 mounting rods. 

Templates and installation instructions will be provided.

Final Images of Design

Final Specs of Design

Half Sphere- 18" diameter and 9" deep

ACME Lettering- 45" Wide and 10" high

Color/Finish-Powder coat

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