Using Custom Metal Signs as Wall Décor

Using Custom Metal Signs as Wall Décor

Custom metal signs add character to any space. The malleability of the metal makes it fairly easy to shape it into any desired shape or pattern. Metal signs don’t have to be limited to the conventional words with a little logo attached. They can be taken to new dimensions with the right artistic mind. Some examples are shown below. 

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Why is wall art important in interior design?

Interior design is more than just choosing the right furniture, fluffing a few pillows, and painting some walls. It should be treated like an art form, worthy of the same type of attention painters give to the most minute details in their work.  

Wall art, believe it or not, is an important part of interior design. The benefits of making wall art a more prominent consideration in your interior design plans are detailed below.

Provides a Color Palette for the Room

Even metal wall art can be used to inspire your color choices for a room.  The pictures above show that it is possible to have wall art that is either purely metallic or has a combination of colors.  If a variety of colors are present, choose the dominant color and shades you can use as accents. These are the colors that you’ll use to decorate the space. Decorating in this way will help you creating a unified design.

Creates a Focal Point

Wall art, when used correctly, creates a focal point around which the entire design is based. It gives visitors a sense of what to expect from the space. Size is, therefore, an important consideration. A metal piece that is too small will look small against the surrounding furniture. Contrastingly, a metal piece that is too big will be too prominent in the room. Take wall measurements to ensure that your metal wall art utilizes the right amount of space.

Adds Texture

Wall art that incorporates a variety of media adds texture to a space. The depth these pieces add will determine the tone of the room. Rough textures add intimacy to a space while smooth textures add sleekness.


Metal signs can become works of art. An expert at ShieldCo can help you create a metal sign piece that is perfect for wall art. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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