Geometrically Intriguing Custom Metal Signs

Geometric patterns are a growing trend in interior design. Their sharp edges and bod shapes add a level of intrigue to a space that other design elements often can’t provide. Custom metal signs provide one of the best opportunities to create geometrically intriguing wall art for interior spaces. You can even put your business’ name and logo against a fun geometric pattern. Reasons for geometric designs being meaningful in interior design are highlighted in this article.


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Visual Interest

Entering a space that only has paint on the walls can be pretty boring. This is especially true when there are no pops of color in the space. Office spaces tend to shy away from using color because businesses don’t want to overwhelm customers. Adding a geometric custom metal sign can add just the right amount of interest to a seemingly dull space.

The Golden Ratio of Proportions

Geometric wall art sometimes forms a part of the golden ratio of proportion in interior design. The most commonly used ratio is: 60 percent neutral colors, 30 percent darkly colored furniture, 5 percent accents in warm colors, 5 percent accents in bright colors. Geometric custom metal signs can be used as accents in a design. A design accent doesn’t play a prominent role in the design, but helps to break up the space.

Patterns and Themes

Shapes of design elements can influence the layout of a space. Custom metal signs used as wall art can inspire a pattern and theme for a room. A designer can choose to use the sign’s pattern as inspiration for the way the furniture in the room is arranged. Another option is to use the sign’s colors to influence the color choices for the space.

Geometry plays an important role in sign design. The geometric patterns that are used in metal signs can inspire the design of the entire space. The team at ShieldCo can help you determine the right geometric shape to use for your business’ interior custom metal sign. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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