The Value of Investing in Illumination for Your Custom Metal Sign

Metal signs are already stunning on their own. Their vibrant finishes, bold lettering, refined edges, and perfect color blends result in a sign that truly makes an impact. That impact is greatly diminished, however, if the appropriate lighting isn’t used. Illuminated signs have numerous benefits and shouldn’t be overlooked. This article highlights some of the most important benefits.

Increase Visibility

On-premise signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. A well-built sign may seem like a huge investment initially, but it is an investment that does pay off in the long term. In fact, a study conducted in 2011 revealed that most mobile customers who shop on impulse stopped at fast food restaurants because they saw the restaurant’s sin while driving past.

The marketing impact of a business sign is non-existent if the sign can’t be sign. Your beautiful metal sign is practically invisible at night or in poorly lit conditions. Illumination using LED lights, or other lighting options, solves this problem.  People won’t miss your sign in these conditions if it is well-lit.

Give Your Sign a Dramatic Change

Simplicity works in your favor when creating a business sign. Simple typography and a legible design are crucial. Think about the Crate and Barrel sign. It is literally the words “crate and barrel” running along the building. Lighting enables you to add some extra oomph to such a simple sign design. You can use LED lights to add strong pops of color. You could also use halo lighting to make the sign glow.

Create Optical Illusions

There are some interesting lighting tricks that you can play with LED lights. Angling the lights in various ways to cast shadows in the right places can help you make a dramatic impact. There are other tricks that you can also discuss with lighting experts.

What type of lighting should you choose?

There are 3 types of lighting available for metal signs: neon, fluorescent, and LED. LED is by far the best option for the following reasons:

·         They last longer.

·         They don’t contain harmful gases. Neon lights contain mercury which is harmful to the environment.

·         They are brighter.

·         They use less energy.

·         They don’t need to be replaced regularly.

A well-lit sign adds tremendous marketing prospects to your business. It makes your business easy to find in poorly lit conditions and allows you to add some interesting design elements without changing the entire sign. Speak with a ShieldCo representative today to find out how we can add lighting to your custom metal sign.


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