3 Reasons a Business Sign is a Good Investment for Your Business

3 Reasons a Business Sign is a Good Investment for Your Business

Aesthetics greatly influence a buyer’s decision. Strong businesses invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in both the interior and exterior aesthetics of their buildings. Entrepreneurs with the right business savvy also understand that business signage adds great value to a business’ exterior.  The money you invest in creating a consistent and appealing look will ultimately produce great long term returns. This article explains 3 reasons for this potentially great return on investment.

Associating Your Brand with Quality

Signs reinforce the quality of a brand. Think about leading companies such as Apple, Crate and Barrel, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Forever 21. Whenever you see their signs you automatically associate what you see with quality.  Their business signs have become an important part of their overall marketing strategy.

Enhances the Customer’s Experience

A business sign in isolation cannot enhance a customer’s overall experience. However, since aesthetics do play a role in how a company is perceived, paying attention to the finer aesthetic details can influence a customer’s experience. A business sign should always be a part of your experience design strategy. Experience design measures all possible elements of the customer experience and incorporates these elements into the design.

Shows Consistency and Cohesion

Business signs are a good opportunity to showcase the consistency of your brand. Buyers love consistency. Using the same sign for each location, while paying attention to the design elements that will make it suitable for the area in which the business is located, helps create consistency.


A business sign investment will be unsuccessful, however, without the deliberate planning by management. Companies with effective sign strategies tightly manage design development. They have a team that is mandated to control store development which also includes sign development. Management also collects detailed data about each store’s performance and customer satisfaction. The impact of the sign on these factors is included in these surveys. They also rate signs highly when making ROI calculations.

A business sign should, therefore, be one of your top considerations as an entrepreneur. The little details matter to your customers and a well-developed sign is one such feature.  Your management team needs to care about the design elements of your office just as much as the other areas that make your business work. Well-developed business signs associate your brand with quality, enhance the customer’s experience, and show consistency. A happy customers means more money in the bank.

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