Vinyl Printing versus Embedded and Sublimated Digital Graphics: What Works Best for Indoor Signs?

Vinyl printing provides a creative way to spruce the interior décor of your office.  It is one of the most affordable business signage solutions. Traditionally, white adhesive vinyl would be used as the substrate for the printed designs. Developments in the field, however, have resulted in the use of a wider variety of substrates including glass and other large graphic surfaces.

Embedded and sublimated digital graphics facilitate the adherence of ink to a substrate through the use of heat and electrostatic methods.  Sublimation is touted for its ability to quickly and easily produce the final products. However, it is a very limited printing method because the substrate must wither be polyester coated or be made of polyester fabric. However, both vinyl printing and embedded/sublimation digital graphic printing are used for indoor and outdoor signage.

This article seeks to answer the question: should you use vinyl or embedded/sublimated printing for your indoor signs? The discussion begins with an explanation of the benefits of vinyl printing. The benefits of embedded/sublimated printing are also discussed. By the end of the article, you should be able to effectively compare both methods to determine the one that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Vinyl Printing

Highly Durable

A heat applicator can be used to affix highly durable vinyl materials to your substrate of choice. These materials can typically withstand severe weather conditions and other forms of harsh treatment.  This durability means that you can even use creative designs on your store’s floor. Pretty neat isn’t it?

Welcome Complex Designs

Express your creativity freely. Digital printing has made it easier for transferring complex designs to vinyl substrates. If it can be designed on a computer, it can also be transferred to vinyl.

Cover a Larger Surface Area

Vinyl can be purchased in virtually any dimensions.  Therefore, you can create signs that cover as much or as little of your interior wall space as you desire.

Experience Greater Flexibility

Vinyl material is very flexible.  Consequently, it can be manipulated into a variety of shapes and sizes. This flexibility also makes vinyl signs easily adaptable for a variety of locations.

Make a Statement

High quality graphics and images can be featured. The beauty of the graphics and images will stand out against the glossy finish of the vinyl.

Great for Day to Night Transitioning

The opacity of vinyl printing creates an intriguing effect that is further amplified with the use of LED lights. The material can also make certain features of the design become more pronounced in various lighting conditions.

Benefits of Embedded/Sublimated Digital Graphics

Dye sublimation is particularly useful for outdoor fabric substrates such as awnings and banners. High pressure laminate, which is a type of embedded digital graphic, is particularly useful for park and transit signs because of its durability.  Embedded/sublimated graphics can also help you make a statement through the use of bold colors and the ability to maximize on space.


Vinyl printing and embedded/sublimated digital graphics printing are good sign printing options. The option you choose depends on your unique needs and style preferences.

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