4 Tips for Creating Custom Metal Indoor Signage for your Business

4 Tips for Creating Custom Metal Indoor Signage for your Business

Emphasis tends to be placed on outdoor metal signage. However, indoor signage can add just the right oomph to your interior design. Indoor signs can be used in your reception area, office space, and general areas where customers frequent. They can range from a replica of your business’ name and logo to etched words and quotes. The possibilities are endless.  This article presents 4 tips for creating impactful custom metal indoor signs for your business.

Be Creative

The indoor space gives you greater opportunity to exercise your creative intellect.  The signs you create should, however, complement the interior décor. They shouldn’t be busy and seemingly out of place. Instead they should meld perfectly with the interior appeal you’re hoping to achieve for your brand.

Use Laser Cut Signs

Laser Cut signs add even greater intrigue to the design of a metal sign.  They are great for room labeling, quotes, and employee appreciation. Couple them with the right backing and you’ll have signs that give your indoor space a consistent professional feel.

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

Character. This is what customers look for when they enter a professional space.  How are you able to convey the personality of the brand in the space? For instance, if you sell children’s toys your interior décor should be fun and playful. This personality should also be reflected in your indoor metal signage.

It’s NOT a DIY

You may think that you’re Superman’s long lost cousin, but creating custom interior signage is not a DIY project.  Don’t waste countless hours trying to create your own indoor signs. Time lost can never be regained. Hire the professionals at ShieldCo to create custom metal art that is perfect for your interior décor.


Design is crucial for a storefront or business office.  Emphasis is often placed on the furniture, layout and colors used in the space. However, the value custom metal art can add to the space should never be neglected. Let the team at ShieldCo create the custom metal signage you need for your indoor space.

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