3 Ways Custom Metal Signage Works as a Marketing Tool

Advertising has drastically changed over the past 5 years. Traditional advertising is gradually being replaced with digital advertising. The economy is seeing a massive shift from brick and mortar stores to ecommerce sites. All of these changes can make a business owner question how best to spend marketing dollars.  The best marketing strategies for SMEs combine digital strategies with smaller traditional marketing strategies such as custom business signage. At this point you may have your hand on your chin and a quizzical look on your face because you don’t see the connection between marketing and custom business signage.

The connection is a delicate thread that can only be strengthened by coupling an impactful sign with other marketing strategies. However, the custom business signage as a standalone marketing strategy is an idea that should be explored.  

Branding is Everything

There is one thing about marketing that remains constant: branding. All designs associated with your business should be consistent. They should represent what you want the customer to see. A sign is the first thing a customer sees when entering a store or business establishment.  Customers want to see a sign that reinforces the fact that they’re interacting with a strong, reputable brand. A custom metal sign that carries the consistent theme of your branding does just that.


Digital marketing efforts are generally ephemeral. Online ads are usually only given a passing glance and tend not to reappear in front of the eyes of a consumer who hasn’t clicked on them. Yes, retargeting does attempt to tackle this challenge. However, the fixed nature of a business’ sign makes it a more consistent marketing tool. It will always be there. If it is well designed and placed, people who pass through the area will see it and be compelled to enter.

Bold Statement

There are signs and then there are metal signs. Custom metal business signage makes a bold statement. Such power helps set your business apart from its competition. Think about it. Wouldn’t you be more enticed to enter a business with a strong metal sign as opposed to one with a busy plastic sign? Always use as many strategies as possible to help your company make a bold statement.


Custom metal signage is only one ingredient in the marketing pot. We are in no way suggesting that business signage will solve your marketing woes. However, it does play an important part in long term marketing efforts. It provides consistency, visibility, and impact for your brand. Make the right choice to purchase custom metal signage for your business today.

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